joi, 5 septembrie 2013

            Blood Lad

This anime is interestting.....

Song:   You're going down
Artist:   Sick Puppies
Anime:  Blood Lad

miercuri, 4 septembrie 2013

                                  Guilty Crown

This anime is aprox like Mirai Nikki..but Mirai Nikki is most awesome....Whatever if you watch at this anime you will found love..

Song: Release my Soul
Artist: Aimee Blackshleger
Anime: Guilty Crown

marți, 3 septembrie 2013

                                     Romeo x Juliet

   This anime is awesome..i love this anime...

Song: Inori~You raise me up
Artist: Lena Park
Anime: Romeo x Juliet    


luni, 2 septembrie 2013


An aniome full oj guns and i like it.If you want ta see how a nice boy shut someone, this anime is perfect..

Song:  Can you stop me
Artist:  Marsheaux
Anime: Jormungand

                                  Brother's Conflict

This girl is lucky, because overnight she was up with 13 beautiful brothers.....This anime is now ongoing..i wait next episode....

Song: Beloved x Survival
Artist: GERO
Anime: Brother's Conflist

duminică, 1 septembrie 2013


     This anime is a bit strange and confusing, but nice.Is weird because we don't know the name of heroine, but know name at all other.Whatever is an anime what worth the look.

Song: Something more
Artist: Seconhand Serenade
Anime: Amnesie

sâmbătă, 31 august 2013

                              Death Note

 Song: The WORLD
 Artist: Nighmare
 Anime: Death Note

vineri, 30 august 2013


Most strange anime what i see..

Song: Carpal Tunnel of Love
Artist: Fall Out Boy
Anime: Loveless

joi, 29 august 2013

                                Uta no prince-sama

This anime is funny and nice...with beautiful muzic...

 Song: Because the Night
 Artist: Casacada
 Anime: Uta no prince-sama

                          Ao No Exorcist

An interstting of most awesome anime wath i see..

 Song: Ultranumb
 Artist: Blue Stahli
 Anime: Ao No Exorcist(Blue Exorcist)